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Welcome to my personal space where creativity meets purpose and design intertwines with advocacy.


Hagop Najarian

I'm Hagop Najarian, the heart and soul behind the lifestyle brand Hagopig, born from a vision to empower and represent the vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community through unique and meaningful expressions in jewelry, clothing, and design.

As an Artistic Director and CEO of a brand owned and operated by the dynamic LGBTQ+ community, I am committed to weaving activism and community spirit threads into every fabric of our culture. My passion for creating designs that resonate with individuality and freedom has garnered attention from celebrities and culture enthusiasts and made an indelible mark in prominent publications like Vogue, Hypebeast, and the LA Times.

The inception of Hagopig was more than just a brand launch; it was a promise - a promise to my beautiful twins, who inspire every stroke of creativity and every stride toward inclusivity. They instill in me a profound

dedication to crafting a legacy of acceptance and love, one design at a time.


The extension of my artistic venture led to the successful establishment of Papooq. This self-care brand has captivated the senses through sold-out lines of facial hair care products and fragrant candles, reflecting my advocacy for health and wellness.

With Hagopig as my platform, I continue to immerse myself in events that champion LGBTQ+ rights and elevate our voices. In this blend of artistry and activism, my ultimate goal is to fashion a world where every color of the rainbow is celebrated.

I invite you to explore my world, where designs are not just worn but lived, and every piece tells the story of a battle won, a love embraced, or a spirit empowered. Welcome to the canvas of my life. Welcome to Hagopig.

Denim Collection
Is Now Online:

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